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Committed files for demo on Friday. Binary search works with O'Caml emulator. Need to check with submitted version of Matita emulator.

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1To compile:
3 1) replace the nlibrary directory in the source code of Matita 0.5.9 with the
4    current directory
5 2) run
6     matitadep.opt && matitac.opt
9To run an Intel Hex file:
10 1) use ToMatita.native to generate a file from a Test.hex file
11    (see the README in the O'Caml part of the deliverable)
12 2) replace the file in this directory with the generated one
13 3) run matita.opt to run the program. Stop execution at
14    (* STOP HERE TO SEE THE TRACE *) to look at the instruction trace.
15    You can change the number of steps in the trace by changing the "step"
16    variable at the beginning of the file.
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