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Import of the Paris's sources.

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1AddCasts.cmi: C.cmi
2Bitfields.cmi: C.cmi
3Builtins.cmi: Env.cmi C.cmi
4Ceval.cmi: Env.cmi C.cmi
5Cleanup.cmi: C.cmi
7Cprint.cmi: C.cmi
8Cutil.cmi: Env.cmi C.cmi
9Elab.cmi: C.cmi
10Env.cmi: C.cmi
12GCC.cmi: Builtins.cmi
13Lexer.cmi: Parser.cmi
16Parse.cmi: C.cmi
17Parser.cmi: Cabs.cmo
18Rename.cmi: C.cmi
19SimplExpr.cmi: C.cmi
20StructAssign.cmi: C.cmi
21StructByValue.cmi: C.cmi
22Transform.cmi: Env.cmi C.cmi
23Unblock.cmi: C.cmi
24AddCasts.cmo: Transform.cmi Cutil.cmi C.cmi AddCasts.cmi
25AddCasts.cmx: Transform.cmx Cutil.cmx C.cmi AddCasts.cmi
26Bitfields.cmo: Transform.cmi Machine.cmi Cutil.cmi C.cmi Bitfields.cmi
27Bitfields.cmx: Transform.cmx Machine.cmx Cutil.cmx C.cmi Bitfields.cmi
28Builtins.cmo: Env.cmi Cutil.cmi C.cmi Builtins.cmi
29Builtins.cmx: Env.cmx Cutil.cmx C.cmi Builtins.cmi
30Cabshelper.cmo: Cabs.cmo
31Cabshelper.cmx: Cabs.cmx
34Ceval.cmo: Machine.cmi Cutil.cmi C.cmi Ceval.cmi
35Ceval.cmx: Machine.cmx Cutil.cmx C.cmi Ceval.cmi
36Cleanup.cmo: Cutil.cmi C.cmi Cleanup.cmi
37Cleanup.cmx: Cutil.cmx C.cmi Cleanup.cmi
38Cprint.cmo: C.cmi Cprint.cmi
39Cprint.cmx: C.cmi Cprint.cmi
40Cutil.cmo: Machine.cmi Errors.cmi Env.cmi Cprint.cmi C.cmi Cutil.cmi
41Cutil.cmx: Machine.cmx Errors.cmx Env.cmx Cprint.cmx C.cmi Cutil.cmi
42Elab.cmo: Parser.cmi Machine.cmi Lexer.cmi Errors.cmi Env.cmi Cutil.cmi \
43    Cprint.cmi Cleanup.cmi Ceval.cmi Cabshelper.cmo Cabs.cmo C.cmi \
44    Builtins.cmi Elab.cmi
45Elab.cmx: Parser.cmx Machine.cmx Lexer.cmx Errors.cmx Env.cmx Cutil.cmx \
46    Cprint.cmx Cleanup.cmx Ceval.cmx Cabshelper.cmx Cabs.cmx C.cmi \
47    Builtins.cmx Elab.cmi
48Env.cmo: C.cmi Env.cmi
49Env.cmx: C.cmi Env.cmi
50Errors.cmo: Errors.cmi
51Errors.cmx: Errors.cmi
52GCC.cmo: Cutil.cmi C.cmi Builtins.cmi GCC.cmi
53GCC.cmx: Cutil.cmx C.cmi Builtins.cmx GCC.cmi
54Lexer.cmo: Parser.cmi Parse_aux.cmi Cabshelper.cmo Lexer.cmi
55Lexer.cmx: Parser.cmx Parse_aux.cmx Cabshelper.cmx Lexer.cmi
56Machine.cmo: Machine.cmi
57Machine.cmx: Machine.cmi
58Main.cmo: Parse.cmi GCC.cmi Cprint.cmi Builtins.cmi
59Main.cmx: Parse.cmx GCC.cmx Cprint.cmx Builtins.cmx
60Parse_aux.cmo: Errors.cmi Cabshelper.cmo Parse_aux.cmi
61Parse_aux.cmx: Errors.cmx Cabshelper.cmx Parse_aux.cmi
62Parse.cmo: Unblock.cmi StructByValue.cmi StructAssign.cmi SimplExpr.cmi \
63    Rename.cmi Errors.cmi Elab.cmi Bitfields.cmi AddCasts.cmi Parse.cmi
64Parse.cmx: Unblock.cmx StructByValue.cmx StructAssign.cmx SimplExpr.cmx \
65    Rename.cmx Errors.cmx Elab.cmx Bitfields.cmx AddCasts.cmx Parse.cmi
66Parser.cmo: Parse_aux.cmi Cabshelper.cmo Cabs.cmo Parser.cmi
67Parser.cmx: Parse_aux.cmx Cabshelper.cmx Cabs.cmx Parser.cmi
68Rename.cmo: Errors.cmi Cutil.cmi C.cmi Builtins.cmi Rename.cmi
69Rename.cmx: Errors.cmx Cutil.cmx C.cmi Builtins.cmx Rename.cmi
70SimplExpr.cmo: Transform.cmi Errors.cmi Cutil.cmi C.cmi SimplExpr.cmi
71SimplExpr.cmx: Transform.cmx Errors.cmx Cutil.cmx C.cmi SimplExpr.cmi
72StructAssign.cmo: Transform.cmi Errors.cmi Env.cmi Cutil.cmi C.cmi \
73    StructAssign.cmi
74StructAssign.cmx: Transform.cmx Errors.cmx Env.cmx Cutil.cmx C.cmi \
75    StructAssign.cmi
76StructByValue.cmo: Transform.cmi Env.cmi Cutil.cmi C.cmi StructByValue.cmi
77StructByValue.cmx: Transform.cmx Env.cmx Cutil.cmx C.cmi StructByValue.cmi
78Transform.cmo: Env.cmi Cutil.cmi C.cmi Builtins.cmi Transform.cmi
79Transform.cmx: Env.cmx Cutil.cmx C.cmi Builtins.cmx Transform.cmi
80Unblock.cmo: Transform.cmi Errors.cmi Cutil.cmi C.cmi Unblock.cmi
81Unblock.cmx: Transform.cmx Errors.cmx Cutil.cmx C.cmi Unblock.cmi
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