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2(** [add_lustre_main lustre_test lustre_test_cases lustre_test_cycles
3    lustre_test_min_int lustre_test_max_int ast] adds a main function that tests
4    a Lustre step function to a Clight AST. The file [lustre_test] contains
5    CerCo information (e.g. the name of the cost variable). The integer
6    [lustre_test_cases] is the number of test cases that are performed, and the
7    integer [lustre_test_cycles] is the number of cycles per test
8    case. [lustre_test_min_int] (resp. [lustre_test_max_int]) is the minimum
9    (resp. maximum) integer value randomly generated during testing, and. *)
11val add : string -> int -> int -> int -> int -> Clight.program -> Clight.program
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