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2(** This module defines the instrumentation of a [Clight] program. *)
4(** [instrument prog cost_map] instruments the program [prog]. First a fresh
5    global variable --- the so-called cost variable --- is added to the program.
6    Then, each cost label in the program is replaced by an increment of the cost
7    variable, following the mapping [cost_map]. The function also returns the
8    name of the cost variable and the name of the cost increment function. *)
10val instrument : Clight.program -> int CostLabel.Map.t ->
11                 Clight.program * string * string
13val cost_labels : Clight.program -> CostLabel.Set.t
14val user_labels : Clight.program -> Label.Set.t
15val all_labels  : Clight.program -> StringTools.Set.t
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