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2(** This module provides a translation of [RTL] programs to [ERTL] programs. *)
4(** The work consists in expliciting the calling convention.
6    Function call instructions will be expanded so has to explicitely pass
7    arguments on dedicated physical registers, and then on specific places in
8    the stack if there are not enough registers.
10    We add a prologue at the beginning of each function that does the following
11    things:
12    - Allocate enough space on the stack for the function to execute.
13    - Save the return address.
14    - Save callee-saved registers.
15    - Fetch parameters from physical registers and potentially from the stack.
17    Also, we add an epilogue which pretty much reverses the effects of the
18    prologue:
19    - Save the return value in physical registers that can only be used for
20      this.
21    - Restore callee-saved register.
22    - Restore the return address.
23    - Free the allocated space on the stack.
24    - Assign the return value to the physical return registers. *)
26val translate : RTL.program -> ERTL.program
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