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Import of the Paris's sources.

File size: 411 bytes
1<src/*>: use_unix, pkg_menhirLib, use_str, use_cparser, use_nums
2<src/clight/*>: use_unix, pkg_menhirLib, use_str, use_cparser
4<src>: include
5<src/utilities>: include
6<src/common>: include
7<src/RTL>: include
8<src/ERTL>: include
9<src/LTL>: include
10<src/LIN>: include
11<src/ASM>: include
12<src/clight>: include
13<src/cminor>: include
14<src/RTLabs>: include
15<src/RTL>: include
17<*>: use_unix, use_menhir, use_cparser
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