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The files submitted and the mail sent to the officer/reviewers.

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1Dear Officer and Reviewers,
3you can find in attachment the deliverables and most of the software
4developed during the third period of CerCo. The remaining software that
5is not attached to the e-mail because of its size is:
7 1. the Debian packages for all CerCo's software
8 2. a Live CD to run the software without any need to install it
10They can be both downloaded from the CerCo's website:
11The Live CD alone is slightly larger than 1GB.
13The attached files are the following:
15- DoW.pdf:  a copy of the Description of Work after the amendment that occurred
16            during the third period
17- FollowUp.pdf:  a letter that describes the follow up to the reviewer's
18                 reccommendations for the third period (also part of D1.3)
19- D1_3.tar.gz: it contains a draft of the progress report (D1.3) splitted in
20               its four parts.
21               NOTE: the draft only contains information on the scientific
22               parts and project management. The financial details are still
23               missing and will be sent to the Officer as soon as possible.
24               A best effort draft will be submitted in any case before the
25               review.
26- D1_4.tar.gz: a draft of the final report (in two parts).
27               NOTE: the only part missing from the draft is the last page
28               that should contain financial details.
29- D3_4.pdf, D4_4.pdf, D5_2.pdf, D5_3.pdf, D6_3.pdf, D6_4_D6_5.pdf, D6_6.pdf:
30   the reports due for the third period, without the software
31- acc_0.2.orig.tar.gz: the source code for the latest version of the untrusted
32   CerCo compiler, described in old reports
33- acc-trusted_0.2.orig.tar.gz: the source code for the latest version of the
34   trusted CerCo compiler, described in D5_2.pdf
35- cost-plug-in_0.2.orig.tar.gz: the source code for the latest version of the
36   cost annotating plugin, described in D5_3.pdf, D5_2.pdf and old reports
37- certification_20130430.tgz: a snapshot of the formalization at the end of the
38   third period. The code automatically extracted from these files is part of
39   acc-trusted_0.2.orig.tar.gz. To run the code, Matita version 0.99.2 is
40   required (available as a Debian package or in the Live CD).
42All the software attached is also available (not in source form) on the Live CD.
44For any question or problem related to the submitted files, please contact me
45directly. Otherwise, see you all soon at the final review in Brussels.
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