source: Deliverables/D1.1/Presentations/WP4-demo-script @ 664

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Changed output of Intel HEX files so we no longer have those gargantuan blocks of zeroes at the end.

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1--- BEFORE DEMO ---
3cd /home/dpm/Projects/Cerco/Deliverables/D4.1/Demo-March-2011/
4~/Projects/Matita/matita/matita.opt matita/ &
6--- DURING DEMO ---
7cd ../../D2.2/8051/
8less dpmtests/Search.c
9./acc.native -o dpmtests/ dpmtests/Search.c
10less dpmtests/Search.hex
11cp dpmtests/Search.hex ../../D4.1/Demo-March-2011/
12cd ../../D4.1/Demo-March-2011/
13mcu8051ide &                          (set XCODE memory in Project > Edit Project)
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