source: Deliverables/D1.1/Presentations/WP4-demo-script

Last change on this file was 664, checked in by mulligan, 10 years ago

Changed output of Intel HEX files so we no longer have those gargantuan blocks of zeroes at the end.

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1--- BEFORE DEMO ---
3cd /home/dpm/Projects/Cerco/Deliverables/D4.1/Demo-March-2011/
4~/Projects/Matita/matita/matita.opt matita/ &
6--- DURING DEMO ---
7cd ../../D2.2/8051/
8less dpmtests/Search.c
9./acc.native -o dpmtests/ dpmtests/Search.c
10less dpmtests/Search.hex
11cp dpmtests/Search.hex ../../D4.1/Demo-March-2011/
12cd ../../D4.1/Demo-March-2011/
13mcu8051ide &                          (set XCODE memory in Project > Edit Project)
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